2012 Japan Trip Day 42 – Singapore

Date of Travel: 11/03/2012

This was it – the final day of our trip. After exploring each of the four major islands and all but two regions in Japan, and passing through Singapore for a stopover, it was all coming to an end. To cap this trip off, we were going to end it with a blast…

Or so we thought. Due to having to head to the airport somewhat early (around 4 pm), and that we had started the day late, there wasn’t really much we could do. We ended up heading back towards Orchard road to just aimless wander for a while.

DSC09680Interesting buildings along Orchard Road

I also had the chance to have wanton mee, which was another breakfast staple that I grew up with in Singapore. I also ordered a milo dinosaur without really knowing that it was. Turns out to be ice milo (the ice milo in Singapore and Malaysia is AMAZING), with milo powder heaped on top of it. Was quite messy, but was pretty good! Must be a huge sugar intake though…

DSC09682 DSC09685

After wandering around Orchard more, we headed towards Funan which is a mall specializing in electronic goods. Brownie bought Skyrim from there before realizing the region lock. Luckily the store accepted it back and provided a full refund, which I must say is pretty unusual for Singapore. We also had lunch at Funan while we were there.

DSC09688 DSC09689
Heading to Funan, and lunch

After Funan, Brownie started feeling slightly unwell. Without anywhere we could go to spend the remaining time we had, we decided to just rest in our hotel lobby while waiting for the bus. During that time, another massive downpour occurred that seemed even heavier than the day before! Not that it really mattered since we weren’t going anywhere else.

The weather took a turn for the worst!

A few hours later the bus finally arrived and brought us to Changi Airport. Unlike our emotions when leaving Japan, we felt ready to return home this time round. I wouldn’t say that it is because Singapore is not a nice place to visit, but rather fatigue from the long Japan leg of the trip and the Singapore heat finally caught up to us. I had another plate of Roast Chicken Rice after going through security checks, and again explored Changi Airport together with Brownie and Jay-C.

DSC09695 DSC09696
Back at Changi Airport

After boarding our flight, the anticipation of heading home to share our stories with our families and friends starting sinking in, and I was looking forward to it. It did counter the sadness that our trip was ending, which made it easier to put the trip behind us. That is until I noticed that we had taxied near the takeoff area, but hadn’t moved in about half an hour. Meanwhile, many other planes were arriving and departing while we continued to wait. Brownie was feeling very sick by this time, while Jay-C was having a good laugh. Turns out that the radar failed, and as a result we had to taxi back to the airport! Our flight was delayed for about five hours, all while Brownie was unwell and I was just wanting to get home! We finally flew off sometime later, and had decent meals on the plane along with a free Magnum as an apology from the airport staff. I found it a fitting way to end our already memorable trip!

DSC09698 DSC09702
Amazing meals on Singapore Airlines!


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