2012 Japan Trip Day 41 – Singapore

Date of Travel: 10/03/2012

After a good night of rest, we had more or less recovered from jet lag and had gained back from energy. That’s what happens when you spend more than half a day sleeping I guess? We went to Raffles City for a typical Singaporean breakfast – kaya toast. Kaya is a coconut jam that I grew up with and had always loved, and is always good to have when I am sick of rice and noodle dishes for every meal. We had tea as well. Brownie and Jay-C was surprised by how sweet it was, but I was used to it as I understood Singapore’s love of condensed milk in drinks…

DSC09264 DSC09265
Kaya Toast – a typical Singaporean breakfast

We walked to Orchard Road after breakfast for to get some CDs; passing by an art museum with a melted Superman statue. When I was in Singapore back in 2005 and 2006, HMV had a massive 4-5 storey store here with a lot of great CDs and DVDs. I was ultimately disappointed to learn that they had downgraded to a single-storey store (and has since closed down entirely). None the less, I managed to buy a few CDs I had been looking for at a decent price. Afterwards, we were to meet with a very close family friend of mine for lunch. We were set to meet somewhere on Orchard Road, but I ended up getting separated with Brownie and Jay-C! Luckily we managed to all meet back up again, and had a very good Singaporean lunch with Char Kwey Teow, Satay, Hokkien Mee, Carrot Cake, and Ice Katchang. Brownie and Jay-C did order some Japanese meal for some strange reason, but did partake in the good food in the end.

DSC09267 DSC09269 DSC09273 DSC09274
Oh how I miss Singaporean food…

After bidding my family friend goodbye, we caught an MRT to Marsiling station and took a taxi to the Singapore Zoo. This place, in my opinion, is one of the best attractions in Singapore, and one of the best zoos in the world. There are a whole bunch of animals to see, including the amazing white tigers, and plenty of shows to watch (though the elephant show was pretty average to be honest). They did get rid of the air conditioned rooms that they used to have though, so there weren’t many places to go to escape from the heat and humidity.

DSC09304 DSC09333 DSC09368 DSC09408
Exploring Singapore Zoo

Halfway through exploring the zoo, it started pouring down with rain. It was one of the heaviest rainfalls which I had experienced in years. Mind you, rain in New Zealand is usually light, and we didn’t encounter much rain in Japan either. Plus, Singapore is quite tropically so this kind of sudden heavy downfalls is generally expected around these parts. After the rain eased up, we continued through the rest of the zoo and had a good time in the cooler weather.

DSC09418 DSC09476 DSC09494 DSC09525
We definitely enjoyed the cooler weather after the rain!

On the way back, we had Mos Burger at Raffles City. Once again, it was another Japanese meal, but we were too tired to look for other types of cuisine. Plus I had the feeling that Brownie and Jay-C were not as comfortable with Singapore food as they were with Japanese food. Nonetheless, after dinner, we went back to Marina Bay to finish exploring the place after not being able to the night before due to losing Jay-C. The light exhibits were amazing in that it brought a lot of life to the area. It was, quite frankly, one of the best ways to spend the last night of this very long trip.

DSC09567 DSC09596 DSC09609 DSC09614
Unfinished business at Marina Bay!

After we walked around the bay, it was time to head back to our hotel for our final night’s rest. Of course, we did explore Marina Bay Sands Mall and other areas on our way back and found some interesting things (like we always do). Overall, we did not really get up to much today compared to Japan, but it was a good taste of what Singapore has to offer. We had a great time despite the heat, and looked forward to our final day in Singapore before heading home.

DSC09654 DSC09663 DSC09669 DSC09670
Final exploration before heading to bed

Singapore Zoo – http://www.zoo.com.sg/


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