2012 Japan Trip Day 23 – Kanazawa/Fukui

Date of Travel: 21/02/2012

One of the reasons we decided to visit Kanazawa was its proximity to Fukui, where another one of my friends live. We had first met each other from a school exchange trip in 2003 when my school travelled to Fukui, then again in 2004 when their school came over, and finally in 2005 when I went with my school again. We had arranged to meet each other on this day in Fukui. In addition to that, we also planned to visit one of Fukui’s most well-known attractions – the Fukui Dinosaur Museum! In a change of pace, we bought breakfast from a bakery rather than a convenience store (which we had pretty much done for almost every day of this trip thus far!). We then caught a train west to Fukui. We did spot a sign warning women to be careful of perverts on the train, which is somewhat disturbing that a country like Japan filled with such nice people can have really dodgy residents too.

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Upon arriving at Fukui City, we still had about an hour to kill before meeting my friend. We decided to look around the Fukui Castle ruins, which was located near where my friend worked. There wasn’t entirely much to see around the ruins as many office buildings had been built on the ruins itself. Nonetheless, it was still a nice area to stroll around, and wasn’t located too far away from the train station. We went to meet my friend at Fukui City Hall shortly after. He wanted to bring us to a nearby coffee shop to chat over coffee, but unfortunately it was completely full. As such, we ended up just chatting while walking back to the train station. We didn’t talk long, but it was awesome catching up with him again!

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The next order of the day was to catch a train to Katsuyama. Unfortunately, it is not serviced by JR trains, and the one-way train ticket was more expensive than travelling between Kyoto and Nara. We bought bentos from a convenience store at the Fukui JR station, and waited for the train to arrive. There was a statue of raptor dressed in a lab coat sitting on a bench at the platform, and we had some fun taking some photos of it in the meantime!

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When we arrived in Katsuyama, it was already past 2:30 pm. As the place closes at 5 pm, and that I would have liked about 2 hours to go through the exhibits slowly, I recommended taking either the community bus or the taxi. Wanting to save money, Brownie and J.C. decided to walk there instead after looking at a map and deciding it won’t take more than 20 minutes. We arrived about 1 hour and 15 minutes later…well at least the scenery was beautiful!

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The dinosaur museum itself was amazing. I had been there twice before, but this was still more memorable. While it had the usual display of skeletons and fossils, the robot T-rex and raptor were awesome. While J.C. and I spent our time going through the displays slowly, Brownie rushed through the exhibit about 4 times going crazy taking photos! We definitely needed more than the 1 hour we had to look around, but it was still an awesome museum.

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We waited for the community bus on the way back to the train station as it was getting dark and cold. When we arrived back at the station, we noticed that it was still another good 10 or so minutes until the next train arrived. As such, we took the chance to take more photos of the beautiful scenery of the snow cap mountains and the wide snow covered fields.

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By the time we arrived back in Kanazawa, it almost 9 pm. Luckily the restaurants and music store at the mall was still opened. We had dinner, bought some CDs, then headed back to our accommodation to pack. Kanazawa and Fukui were lovely cities, but it’s time to move on to one of our most anticipated towns of our trip – Ogimachi!

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Daily Expenditure

Train from Fukui Station to Katsuyama Station – 750 yen
Train from Katsuyama Station to Fukui Station – 750 yen
Bus from dinosaur museum to Katsuyama Station – 100 yen
JR Trains covered by JR National Pass

Shibaya Ryokan – 2,880 yen

Breakfast from convenience store near Shibaya Ryokan – 549 yen [Apple pastry, strawberry melon bread and water]
Sweet strawberry and sweet fromage pocky flavour – 525 yen
Lunch from convenience store at Fukui JR Station – 645 yen [Karaage bento, sandwich, water]
Water – 100 yen
Dinner at Azabu Sabo @ Forus Kanazawa – 1,400 yen [Teriyaki set and melon soda float]

Dinosaur museum entrance fee – 500 yen

Locker at Dinosaur museum – 100 yen
Music CDs from – 3,743 yen [Guilty crown, egoist and anime DJ mix]

TOTAL (cost for whole trip in brackets)
12,042 yen (455,035 yen total)


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