2012 Japan Trip Day 17 – Miyajima

Date of Travel: 15/02/2012

We had the best sleep of our trip thus far. Our futons were amazing! The relaxed nature of the ryokan also helped. If we had the money, I would have loved to stay here longer. Brownie and I decided to hop back in the bath to enjoy it for a while longer before breakfast. It is so relaxing to have a bath first thing in the morning, especially when next to the river. Breakfast itself was pretty darn impressive. Have a look at the photos to see for yourself!

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Sadly, we had to check-out soon after, as it was a long trip to our next destination – Miyajima. The staff at Yamamizuki were also friendly and helpful that they even brought us back to the bus station. We reached Aso station about 11:30am, then took a train back to Kumamoto station.

???????????????????????????????  DSC03346

As we were hungry and well ahead of time, we decided to have a proper sit-in for lunch (since we were always on the move back in Nagasaki). I had an amazing hamburger on omurice. Yum! After exploring for a while longer, we hopped on a Shinkansen that would take us all the way to Hiroshima.

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From Hiroshima, we transferred to another train that took us to the town of Miyajimaguchi, which services Miyajima by ferry. As we had a JR National Pass, we were allowed to ride the JR ferry free of charge. From the ferry, we had great views of the surrounding area, and can see the famous floating tori gate in the distance.

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Once on the island, we immediately started heading towards our accommodation (Jukeiso Ryokan) as the sun was starting to set. We arrived to find that we had to climb up about 3-4 flights of stairs with our luggage! The ryokan did have the option of picking us up from the ferry terminal, but as we had no idea when we would arrive, we declined the offer. How we are regretting it now! When we arrived at the entrance, there was a sign personally welcoming us to the ryoakn. It was a nice touch! We were shown our rooms, and we relaxed for a few minutes with some tea and crackers before heading out to find some dinner. As Miyajima is more-or-less a tourist town, most places were shut during night time. Thankfully I had my Lonely Planet guidebook handy as it pointed out perhaps the ONLY place opened on the island at night!

???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

After dinner, we decided to explore the main street of the island at night. We came across a display of the largest rice scoop in Japan, got to walk out to the floating tori gate (as it was low tide), and wandered around stone lanterns reminiscent of those we saw back in Nara. We also had a look around the Itsukashima shine compound, before calling it a night and heading back for some sleep. While we hadn’t gotten up to much, travelling from Kurokawa all the way to Miyajima was quite exhausting!

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Daily Expenditure

Bus from Kurokawa to Aso – 960
JR Trains and Miyajimaguchi ferry covered by JR National Pass

Jukeisou – 8085 yen

Pocky snack – 160 yen [thin stick edition]
Lunch at Kumamoto – 880 yen [Hamburger omelette rice set]
Dinner at Mame-Tanuki @ Miyajima – 2,965 yen [Amago-don, oysters and plum wine]
Breakfast provided by Yamamizuki Ryokan

N/A ~all free~

N/A [Need to save money once in a while right?]

TOTAL (cost for whole trip in brackets)
13,050 yen (391,525 yen total)


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